English spoken/written communities, newsgroups or similar sites dealing with all kind of photography related topics (equipment, photocritiques, ...). Some nature photography communities have been moved to the nature photography resources links.

Fotoforen und Communities in englischer Sprache. Einige Themenspezifische Seiten und Foren befinden sich auch hier.

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A Picture's Worth
Photostories: Post a photo and a story with it.

Photographer community of all kind of breeds. Browse, discuss and sell pictures.

Analog Photography User's Group
This is a very large international community of people interested in traditional analog photography. This site has versions in various languages and features active forums and galleries.

A community and show-floor dedicated to showing, sharing and commenting photos.

Black & White Photography Community
Intended for amateurs who love seeing the world in black and white.

Canon Digital Photography Forums
Canon digital photo equipment related, as well as photo sharing and critique forums

Contax G Pages
Community for users of Contax G series cameras.

Switzerland based, english speaking photo mailing list/community. Currently having regional meetings in Zurich & Geneva.

Digital Wedding Forum
Digital wedding photography forum, a subscription based wedding photographer meeting place.

dpreview.com forums
Check out these forums for digital equipment questions, rumours, speculations, comments and critique

Event Photographer Forum
A place for semi-professional event photographers to meet and exchange ideas.

Online community, photoshop plug-ins

Google: rec.photo.*
Access and search the rec.photo usenet groups through Google

Large format photography
Active LF photography forum

Leica M users group
Leica M Rangefinder camera user group at Yahoo

Leica User Forum
Leica forum, on digital and film-based Leicas, photo discussions and more - split into an international (english) and german section.

Lomography is a global community whose strong passion is creative and experimental analogue film photography.

My photocontest
Online photo contest

Newsgroup be.rec.photography
Info site for this newsgroup. Mostly tri-lingual, but FAQ as most threads in dutch only

Nikon equipment spezialized forum

Photo critique and discussion community.

Photo Galaxy
Galleries, photo display, community...

Large site with forums covering nearly any photographic subject. Articles, photocritique, tutorials

Photo competition, galleries and forum

Photo community, mostly equipment and application based discussions.

Photo stories and photo documentary from around the world

Forums for Photographers

Photo critique, ratings, discussions

Photosapien Photography Forum
35mm & Digital forums relating to a wide range of techniques & topics

Photography community and discussion board.

Community with upload gallery, discussion forum, chat and links

Photoshop scripting community and resource.

Forum and community on all kind of rangefinder cameras.

A forum for the discussion of micropayment stock photography.

The Photographers Place
Australia based forum, articles, links and event calendar featuring community site.

The [b] school
A community for professional wedding and portrait photographers.

Online photographic gallery focusing on travelling and trekking the Earth. Members coming from all around the world.

Webshots community
upload and share your photos

Yahoo Photo Groups
Yahoo based photography groups and communities (usually require registration)