When working with digital images and photos, a well planed workflow is the basis of efficiency and quality imaging results. This page lists resources on the digital darkroom, photo-handling, digital imaging knowledge and the digital workflow in general.
Also see the software section for software tools.

Ein durchdachter digitaler Workflow / Arbeitsablauf ist die Grundlage für Effizient bei der Arbeit mit mit digitalen Bildern und Fotos und für qualitativ hochstehende Imaging-Resultate aus der digitalen "Dunkelkammer". Dazu hat's hier eine Link-Sammlung zu Resourcen und Informationen rund um den digitalen Workflow / Arbeitsablauf, zu Wissen im Bereich Digital-Imaging und generelles zur digitalen "Dunkelkammer".
Beachten sie auch den Software Bereich für entsprechende Programme.

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Adobe Design Center
Various usefull resources, user groups and tutorials related to the Adobe products. Actions, brushes, tool exchange platform.

Archiving with image databases
Good articles on controlledvocabulary.com by : Archiving digital photos, naming convention for digital images, databases, IPTC standard

Articles on the digital workflow
Great articles by Ken Bennett on digital workflow, digital archiving, photoshop

Color Management Intro
A good introduction to calibrating your digital workflow / Einführung in das Farbmanagement

Instructive feature articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing.

Some good photography tutorials on PTLens (lens distortion correction), Photoshop, Panorama Tools, Monitor Calibration and ZoneDial

Glossary on Digicams by dpreview.com
Glossary on digital photography terms and names

LTL Imagery
Check out their informative articles and resources

myPictureMarc by Digimarc
Digital watermarking of your photos / digital images.

Panarama Tools FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Panorama Tools, its associated components and plug-ins

Planet Photoshop
Online photoshop tutorials, education and seminars

Large resource on LCD screens (in german) / Informationsquelle für LCD Monitor Fragen.

Software and some articles on raw file workflow and processing

Photoshop tutorial

Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines
Guidelines by professional and industry associations on digital imaging and workflow.