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Image archiving and management software.

Photoshop actions - Devoted to the exchange of Photoshop actions among users, provided as a service to the image editing community by Photoshop user Jim Lewis.

Aperture Users Professional Network
A blog with news, tips and info on Apple Aperture.

Colormanagement Software. e.g. allows direct modification of LCD monitor LUTs (look-up tables) using hardware calibration devices.

Bibble Labs
Bibble: raw converter, image browser, digital workflow tasks, web-gallery, tethered shooting, IPTC captioning, photoshop plugin.

BR's PhotoArchiver
Image browser and archiving tool

Breeze Systems Limited
Breezebrowser: Image browsing, batch conversion, IPTC editing, Canon RAW conversion, remote capture.

Camerabits - Photo Mechanic
A full featured image browser for Macintosh and Windows computers.

Canon shutter count
The 40DshutterCount tool allows you to determine the number of shutter acentuations of your Canon EOS camera.

Canto Cumulus
Image and asset management software (archiving database, files can be offline)

Color management and monitor calibration tools and software

Image editing software, freeware, red-eye function

Photoshop plug-ins to buy

Diashow pro 9.0
(german only) Software für Diashow, Fotoalbum auf PC, CD-ROM, DVD, VCD

Digital Image Mover
DIM - Memory card file downlader / mover software. Java based, runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Can rename files on the fly while importing. Freeware.

Digital Photo Recovery
Software for digital picture recovery, digital image recovery and digital media recovery.

Automatic abberation and image correction for specific camera-lens-combinations.

Panoweaver - Win based photo stich and panorama software

ICM profiles for several cameras (mainly Canon) and for the workflow in Capture One software.

Freeware tool to edit and remove EXIF and IPTC data

Extensis - Portfolio
Software company (image asset management Extensis Portfolio 6, Photoshop and QuarkXPress tools)

eye-one color
Color management solutions by GretagMacBeth (software & hardware spyders)
Free digital photo software tools -- Gratis Software Tools

Photo importing, browsing, captioning and transmission application designed for photojournalists and photo editors.

Fred Miranda Software
Various usefull software tools and photoshop plugins.

Well, a kind of Photoshop for free!!!! Open source software (Windows, MacOS X, Linux)
Flash card downloader software Pixfer (WinXP), Image viewer for pocket PCs (PocketLoupe).

GQ View
Image browser and viewer for Linux - Bildbetrachter für Linux

Graphic Workshop Professional
Image management, conversion, thumbnailing, ... - shareware

Nice freeware/donateware programm to generate template based web-galleries - Web Galerien erstellen

Easy to use cross-platform user interface for stiching panoramas, based on the Panorama Tools.

Image Analyzer
Image editing software, freeware, red-eye corrections

Imagenomic - Noiseware
Very powerfull and established noise reduction software, available as a photoshop plug-in and stand-alone program and free, but reduced community version.

iMatch by Photools
Powerfull image archiving and database software at a fairly low price

A suite of programs for testing the sharpness and image quality of lenses, digital cameras, digitized film images and printers.

Inside Lightroom
Downloadable Adobe Photoshop Lightroom development presets - premade settings for the lightroom developing module.

Image viewer, slideshow on screen, file batch conversion, IPTC editing, lossless rotation

Software to creat static web galleries automatically.

JKS Software / FixFoto
(german only) Schlanke und praxisorientierte Software für Bildbearbeitung (Shareware 30€) mit regem Forum

Lightroom Extra
Extensions and extras for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Extensions can be, for example, Panel End Markers, Metadata panels, Web Templates or ID plates.

Lightroom Killer Tips
Tips and hints for using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom published as a blog by the US-National Association of Photoshop Professionals

LizardTech Inc - Genuine Fractals
Tool for up-sizing of digital images - Genuine Fractals

Microsoft Photo Info Tool
IPTC Metadata editing tool for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Nik Software
Sharpening and color effect software and photoshop plug-ins.

Nikon Capture NX
High-quality image editing and processing Software. Utilizing U PointTM technology.

Noise reduction software comparison
Comprehensive article comparing various noise reduction tools

onOne Software
Makers of various imaging tools and photoshop plug-ins like PhotoFrame, PhotoTools, Genuine Fractals or Phototune

Paint shop pro
The alternative to Photoshop, image editing software

Panorama stiching software

Panorama Factory
Panorama stiching software

Panorama Tools
Panorama stitching software. Also see the PTLens link: Usefull add-on for image corrections.

Panorama Tools
A software library with builds the core for many plug-ins and aplications for the generation of panoramas and for correcting lens distortions.

PhaseOne C1 Raw converter
Raw converstion software with an excellent workflow. 2 versions, Pro rather expensive. Also called C1, by PhaseOne.

Photo Plugins
Free photoshop plugins

Photomatix by HDRSoft
High dynamic range HDR software application.

Software tools for image corrections and optimization, sharpening and more.

PicaJet Photo Management Software
Digital photo archiving and organizing software

Photo archiving, editing, browsing software for Windows systems, free, now part of Google

Picture Code - Noise ninja
Very powerfull and established noise reduction software, available as a photoshop plug-in and stand-alone program.

Software tools to optimize the workflow with respect to image transfers (wireles and wired).

PhotoKit software tools for color corrections, sharpening and other effects

Web-Gallery generation software. Output as HTML or SimpleViewer Gallery.

Canon EOS RAW processing software and batch processing software tools

Panoramic stitching software for Windows and MacOS.

PTLens is an add-on for Panorama Tools that automatically corrects for lens pincushion and barrel distortion. Also see the Panorama Tools link.

REALVIZ provides the missing link between 2D live action footage and 3-D computer generated images to Broadcast/Cinema, Web, Digital Imaging or Architecture

Web based digital asset management system.

Software tools for image effects, borders or online slide-shows, by wedding photographer David Jay.

Various tools, stitcher, stacker, thumbnailer, framer and so on

Image manipulation tools, photoshop plug-ins, in particular their Color-to-black and white-conversion tool.

Photoshop plug-ins