General internet directories, robots and searchengines. Click on "photo directories" in the navigation on the left to find specific photography linksites.

Allgmeine Internet Verzeichnisse, Suchdienste and Suchmaschinen. Klicke auf "photo directories" oder "Verzeichnisse" in der Navigation links, um Fotografie spezifische Verzeichnisse zu finden.

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Microsofts search engine - an attempt to rival Google

All the web
search engine

Alles Klar
German web cathalog - deutsches Webverzeichnis

Searchengine - they also started the "pay for inclusion" philosophy, so it's probably a question of time until altavista is nomore as complete as it was :-(

Open directory project

Visual meta search engine - find websites using a visual approach using kind of "landscape maps".
Ausgesuchte Schweizer Links

Query Server Web Search
Searches 11 search engines
Schweizer Suchmaschine

Submit To Link Directory
A general link directory - they say "Welcome to web's largest, any thing anywhere directory."
Deutschsprachige Suchmaschine
Switzerland information platform: News and a big link section

Schweizer Link Verzeichnis
Swiss link collection

Swiss web directory

Manly known for it's large and detailed directory