Links to top photographers, their web pages, photo-galleries, photos and online portfolios.

Links zu top Fotografen, ihren Webseiten, Foto-Gallerien, Fotos und Portfolios.

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Laban, Keith
Excellent color photography of structures, bluebell flowers, ...

Laforet, Vincent
Impressive photojournalism, people and landscape color photography work!

Lambrechts, Dirk
Beauty, fashion

Laurenceau, Gérard
Landscape photographs in black and white.

Lebeck, Robert
Award winning photojournalist documenting mostly Euopean life in the 20th century. Black and white photographs.

Luong, Quang-Tuan
Travel photography from all around the world.

Johansson, Erik
Photographer and retoucher - surreal landscapes.

Lachenmeier, Patrick
Photojournalistic approach to various topics.

Lacombe, Brigitte
Portrait, lifestyle and

Ladefoged, Joachim
Photojournalist & documentary photographer. Agency VII member.

Ladefoged, Simon
Scenery and travels, Iceland, Marocco, Mallorca, Budapest

Lagarde, Sylvain
Black and white people, landscape, travel and abstract photography.

Lagnese, Francesco
Travel and locations, interiors and lifestyle.

Lam, Huy
Travel and people

laMia, Lilly
Film director and still photographer.

Lamont, Duncan
MotoGP and superbike photos.

Landén, Reilika
Pinhole and lense fine art photography. Abstract.

Lando, Pascal
Photos showing the landscapes of the département de la Somme en Picardie, France.

Landry, Jason
Travel and documentary photography.

Langvad, Jacob
A couple of fashion portfolios

LaPrairie, Dean
Editorial and corporate portraiture

Laptev, Igor
Nature and landscape photography

Lassiter, Hadyn
People and fashion

Lauritz, James
Commercial and advertising photographer specialising in location and landscape photography

Lauritzen, Erik
Interior and exterior works presented in 7 sequence galleries.

Lauritzen, Mads
Portraiture and digital alterations illustrating topics and issues

Lawrence, David
Location photography of people and architecture

Lechleitner, Eddie
Fotostudio für Werbe- und Mode-fotografie, Bildbearbeitung, Composing.

Leder, Manuela & Marcel
Nature photography

Lee, Ch'ien
Southeast asian flora and fauna.

Lee, Randal
Travel, portrait and wedding photographer, Oregon based

Lee, Rick
Advertisig and editorial photographer based in Washington DC.

Lee, Wilson
Photography and graphic design

Lee Harvey, Philip
Travel photos with portraits; lifestyle photos

Lefebvre, Hervé
Fashion, food, portraits

Lefèvre, Dominique
Nature, reportage, landscape

Leffmann, Jonn
Street, abstract, architecture and photographic experiments.

Lehmann, Liana
Wedding photography with a photojournalistic approach.

Lehner, Boris
Portraits, reportage and advertisement photos.

Lehner, Dario
People, fashion, stills and other projects.

Leimer, Alessandra
Advertisement and editorial; people, fashion

Leinders, Bob
beauty, stills and fashion

Leisinger, Claudia
A variety of styles from stills on film sets, portraits, travel and reportage portraits, as well as documentation of daily life in London.

Lende, van der, Noelle
Fashion, advertising, portrait

Reportage photography.

Leutenegger, Catherine
Portraits and still lifes, portraits like still lifes or still lifes and other locations.

Leutwyler, Henry
Swiss portrait, fashion, celebrity and editorial photographer based in New York.

Leutwyler, Markus
Event photographer, based in Winterthur

Levenson, David
Reportages and portraiture

Leverman, Peter
People, places - location photography

Leveson, Alex
A photography related resource with galleries of nature, landscape and macro images as well as articles, tips, tutorials and reviews on photographic topics.

Libbrecht, Stef
Architecture and urban photography, panoramic images, corporate and people portfolios.

Liebmann, Muriel
Portrait and fashion photography

Lik, Peter
Landscape photography

Lilley, Andrew W.
UK nature photographer

Lindbergh, Peter
Glamour and model photographer

Lindenmann, Karsten
People, portrait, architecture and interior photography

Lindqvist, Patrik
Outdoor and extreme sports photographer.

Lingeman, Fokke
Urban, Industrial, Portrait -- a blog.

Linton, Howard
Event photographer based in Switzerland

Lipp, Achim
Reportage, advertisement, editorial

Lippman, Jake
American nature and outdoor photography.

Lipskoch, Jörg
Stage-photography & portrait.

Liuzzi, Odilia
Inspirational poetry photography

Ljubuncic, Goran
A fine art color portfolio site

Lockett, Craig
Wedding, portrait, landscape and wildlife photographer.

Logason, Kristjan
Advertising, portraits, digital creations, still lifes and landscapes

Lohuizen, van, Kadir
Editorial, advertising, people, lifestyle

Loos, Steffi
Music and concerts, portraits and things, polaroids

Lopes, Francisco
People and portraiture

López Tarasido, Gonzalo
Argentine photographer, travel, ships

Loran, Guarionex
Street abstracts

Lorenz, Jürgen
Portrait, nature, architecture

Lucie & Simon
Photography art projects, scenic, portraits, apocalyptic

Ludwig, Gerd
People photography in stories and advertising.

Ludwigson, Hakan
Editorial, ads

Luis, Nuno
Numan and natural landscapes from Portugal.

Lujan, Tim
California scenic photography

Luscombe-Whyte, Mark
Location photography

Luthy, Yannick
mostly architecture and landscapes, some stills and portraits

Meghan Lee, Sarah
Mexico city based photojournalist has covered social, environmental and human rights issues throughout Mexico and Central America.