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Wiens, Mark
Still life Photographer.

Wiget, Philippe
Corporate, portrait, landscape, industrial, reportage, architectural photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland

Willen, David
Landscapes, architecture and design.

Winkler, Jean-Claude
People and landscape photography.

Wünsch Blanco, Pablo
An eye for the details... Tokyo, Basel, travel, water drops, portraits

Waalboer, Martin
Colour and black and white reportage and documentary photographer based in Amsterdam, The Nertherlands.

Wagner, Christof
Travel, location, still life and people photography.

Waite, Charlie
English landscape photography.

Walbeck, Nicola Roman
Locations and landscapes, people and portraits.

Waldmeier, Jürg
Reportages, portraits and still-lifes.

Waldner, Helene
Editorial and portraits photography

Walker, Tim
Photographer and filmmaker, extravagant staging, portraits and fashion

Walliner, Marcus
Green - underwater plants.

Walz, Uwe
Nature photographer - has a huge online collection of images.

Wang, Qingsong
Photography about Chinese social and contemporary cultural life with staged tableaus and model acting roles.

Warkentin, Karl H.
Landscape, nude, portrait, panorama, infrared

Warner, Nancy

Warren, Richard
Fashion, beauty (flash site without manual control possibilities!)

Washington, Maya
Still-life and portraits

Wasilewski, Tom
Photography and graphic art, mostly locomotive, but also other subjekts.

Waters, David
Photojournalist, LA, Kenya, Cambodia

Watson, Geoff
Monochrome fine art photography - still life, landscapes & silent cities.

Webb, Alex & Rebecca
Photojournalist & documentary photographer. Agency VII member.

Weber, David
Landscapes, people and architecture.

Weber, Harry
People in the streets and some natural and artificial structures.

Weber, Michael
Sports, action and nature photography

Weber, Stefan
Architecture, people, reportage and studio

Weber, Stephanie
Nature and wildlife

Weber, Uli
Nude and portraits

Wehrli, Dominique Marc
Architecture photography.

Wehrli, Dominique Marc
Switzerland based architecture photographer

Weigelt, Gert
Nude, portrait and dance black and white photography

Weinsheimer, Silke
Contemporary people photography.

Weiss, Erik
Portraits of musicians, architecture and reportage

Weniger, Sabrina
Mostly portraits and fashion photography, with an interest in Polaroids and cross processing.

Wensveen, Guus
Advertising photographs (mostly watches and cars in portfolio)

Wenzel, Andrew
Nature photography from around the world.

Wenzel-Orf, Harald
Black and white specialist

Wermuth, Stefan
Swiss photojournalist - creative photojournalism.

Werner, Jens
People, nudes

Werner, Sheila
Studio portrats and people photographs.

Weschler, Michael
Portrait, editorial, still life and interior photography

Weston, Brett
Archive on Brett Westons work

Westphalen, Christian
Architecture, photoshop composings, portraits and landscapes

Wettstein, Pat
Advertising studio and people photography.

White, David
On location & studio portraits, architecture.

White, David
People and reportage photographs

Wierzbicki, Jerzy
Black and white documentary photography.

Wiggett, Darwin
Outdoor and landscape photographer, Alberta, Canada based.

Williams, Bernice
Black and white photographs and Polaroid transfers (Egypt, Architecture)

Williams, Will
Travel, nature and landscape photos presented as a photo-blog.

Wilson, Brad
Beautiful Animal Portraits

Wilson, Mihai
A portfolio of travel photography (Asia)

Windszus, Jan
People photography - photojournalistic approach on travel, music and other projects.

Winther, Pierre
Film photography and scenes

Wisniewsky, Winfried
Nature and wildlife photographer, check out his ice images

Wohlrab, Mark
Spherical panoramic images, architecture and people photographs.

Wojciechowski & Jedra-Wojciechowska, Dariusz & Anna
Compositions and impressions of nature, wildlife, plants and more. Based in Poland.

Wolfe, Art
Nature photographer

Wolff, Michael
Architecture and interiors

Wyss, Urs
Editorial, advertising