A couple of webdesign scripts and applications that we stumbled upon. Some of them have a photography related use.

Einige Webdesign Anwendungen und Skripte, auf welche wir gestossen sind. Und einige davon haben einen Fotografie-Spezifischen Anwendungsbereich.

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Webdesign: Wordpress  
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Probably the ultimate blogging platform. Wordpress is open source. All you need is a PHP/MySQL capable webhost to install it.

4images from 4homepages
4images - Image Gallery Management System (PHP, MySQL)

Exhibit engine
Another php based gallery script free for download

A free PHP script that automatically displays the images placed in a given directory, no database needed. It can be used as a blog or gallery � and anything in between.

Skripts for the webmaster. E.g.: PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, C, JavaScript, ...

Scripts Directory

Directory to scripts of various languages

Open Webmail
A webmail interface

PhotoPost PHP
Image Gallery Management System

Photoblog application based on PHP & MySQL. Simple and effective for blogging individual images.

Webscripts - php, pearl, etc.

If you prefer not having to install the Wordpress application yourself, you can open up a blog on this hosted version/service.