Websites of pure online, as well as real-world photography magazines.

Webseiten von Print-Fotomagazinen, sowie reine online Fotografie Magazine und Angebote.

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Show case traditional, digital, and lo-tech photography by amateur and professional photographers

37th frame (a newsletter)
A weekly newsletter by Michael Johnston, gets published online on and luminous-landscape

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Amateur Photographer
Weekly UK print magazine, online boards

Fine art photography magazine

Apogee Photo
Internet Photography Magazine

Art photo akt
German art nude photography magazine

Contemporary photo art magazine featuring essay, article, portfolio and critique sections.
Digitalkamera und Unterhaltungselektronik Technikberichte

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Burn Magazine
burn is an evolving journal for emerging photographers. Curated by David Alan Harvey

B&W Magazine
techniques, equipment tests, forums and photo galleries

Big magazine
People, topics - a few images online

Blind spot
Fine art photo magazine

BlueEyes Magazine
Documentary photo assays and project work

Booklet - Photographic Brainstorm
Fine-art photography magazine with several online portfolios.

British Journal of Photography
Extensive site of the weekly print journal with reviews, resources, newsletters, galleries

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Chambre noire
French monthly onlien magazine (in french)

C-Heads Magazine
C-Heads Magazine is an independent and creative online-magazine for photography and illustration. The main point of interest is to present professional photographer and newcomer from all over the world...

Chasseur d'Images
French photography magazine

Site of the german print-magazine. Some online offers and pay-downloads

Photography studio magazine

Common Cents is an unapologetic, opinionated, and often sarcastic advocate for independent photographers. It will educate, agitate and inform.

Cut Frame TV
Videos by wedding photographers about their work, equipment and themself.

de Chappedelaine, Olivier
Landscapes, locations, products and more

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Daylight Magazine
Daylight Magazine is the printed publication of Daylight Community Arts Foundation, Inc. These initiatives aim to provide photographic resources and education for the personal documentation of certain communities.

Decibel Dragon
Travel and location oriented online magazine
Professional Magazin for digital imaging - workshops, test , practical reports

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Printed and online magazine

International, Austria based, magazine for photography and media art. No online articles. Also has an exhibition calendar and an award / price listing.

EOS Magazine
A magazine dedicated to the Canon EOS system

techniques, equipment tests, forums and photo galleries
European Photography - Contemporary photography art

Erotic and Art
Several nice portfolios online

Espace Photo
Belgium online photography magazine / magazine photo belgique

Real-world fine art photography magazine with online sample photos.
Black and white photography magazine, featuring images around the globe, with poem, text, etc

eZine Articles
Photography articles at eZines@rticles

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Far Flung Magazine
Adventure travel magazine showing travel and cultural photography.
Featured photographers and their sites

File Magazine
"Unexpected photography" - images that treat subjects in unexpected ways.

Fine Art Foto
Some online galleries, otherwise only abo and contact info

A magazin featuring graphics, photos and illustrations on a regular basis.

Foto Art Magazine
Photographers by field

Onlinemarazin für Digitalfotografen - photo news, downloads, tutorials.

Photo portfolios and reportages
Magazine on AV projection and photo presentation (few online resources only) - Dia AV Projektion und Fotoprasentations-Magazin (wenige online-Inhalte).
Schweizer online Fotomagazin.

Neuigkeiten aus der Schweizer Fotobranche. Webseite zum Print-Journal Fotointern

Website of FotoMagazin, Second hand prices (FoMag-Liste see in the Equipment/Fotoausrüstung section)
Online book news and other articles, links
German online magazine for photography and digital imaging

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GFW publishing
Verlag für Fotografie und Digital Imaging - Fotobörse (german magazine)

Gutter Magazine
Online photo magazine

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Image Scene
News reporting online magazine

French online magazine

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Various articles on photography basics (in german)

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Lens Culture
Interviews about culture, photography; Online forum.

black and white
Avant garde photo portfolio showcase.

Bi-annual online magazine dedicated to creative contemporary photojournalism.

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A monthly web-magazine on digital photography

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Pure online monthly magazine for nature photography

Nature photographer Magazine
Online articles, print magazine

Nature's Best
Quarterly publication magazine

Digital nature photography magazine

ND Magazine
Neutral Density Magazine - Magazine for Fine-Art Photographers

[german only] e-photomagazin für junge photographen. das heft erscheint alle 6 wochen.

Nikon News
Nikon news and great portfolios!
Wilhelm Zedlers Informationen zum Thema Fotografie; Schwerpunkt Nikon; Ausrüstung (Tests und Empfehlungen); Bildergalerie
Schweizer online Magazin zur Fotografie
Artist exhibitions

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Digital Outback Photo
Online magazine and news on digital outdoor photography

Outdoor Photographer
Print magazine on nature and outdoor photography

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Panorama Journal
Swiss online journal dedicated to panoramic virtual reality (VR) imaging.
Virtual reality VR panoramas from all the world.

French photo magazine with online portfolio

Photo Answers
Online magazine with an interesting collection of video tutorials.

Photo Source International
Stock photography oriented online magazine and information site

Greek magazine with online galleries

Photoblogs Magazine
Photoblogs Magazine is an on-line photography magazine showcasing the work of photobloggers across the globe.

Online magazine, technique and nature oriented

Photograph America
A newsletter and paper publication about american nature locations

German-/Swiss- photography magazine

Printed magazine with some online galleries and content information

French online magazine
German news magazin for professional photography, print and online aticles.

PDN's visual database of the world's best photographers

Pinhole Journal
Site to order the Pinhole Journal

Pixels and Prose, Jason
Pixels and Prose is an online photography magazine dedicated to the art and science of photography.

PMA Marketing
Magazine from the Photo Marketing Association

Popular Photography & Imaging
Quite extensive offer of online articles, news, how-to's

Online magazine with articles and galleries

psd. Magagazin
Photoshop specialized magazine

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Design portal

Rangefinder Magazine
Monthly magazine for professional photography.
a max of 30cm above the ground!

French online photography magazine - magazine en ligne française

Rundbrief Fotografie
Zeitschrift für fotografische Sammlungen in Archiven, Bibliotheken und Museen (german archiving mag)

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Introducing b&w photographers work, discussion forums

Printed and online magazine

An "ezine combining stock photography and marketing"

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Take Great Pictures
Coloumns, forum and links

The Devil's Caldron
A journalism design and production group

The Foreigner Japan
Check out the photo essays

The Picture Professional
Online magazine of the American Society of Picture Professionals.

online exhibition featuring the work from fine-art photgraphers

Travel Photographers Online Magazine
Fully online travel photography magazine

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Untitled Magazine
Photojournalistic portfolios

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View Camera
No online article - print magazine on large format photography

Vis A Vis online
French magazine featuring galleries of expermental photography.
(Monthly online photography magazine)... was. Nomore issues published, old ones still online...

Magazine devoted to the world of 360-degree virtual reality photography

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Zone Zero
Galleries and articles online

Online portfolios - most functions require a password

fashion and beauty photography magazine